Product Snapshot: Saluda Medical

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Bringing light onto the abundance of healthtech startups and digital health in Australia, welcome Saluda Medical.

Considered "Soonicorns", they are one to watch in the next coming years, as they embark on their journey to be Unicorns.

What is Saluda Medical?

A global medical device company, Saluda Medical focuses on patient-driven outcomes, utilising science and engineering to transform the neuromodulation industry via a technology known as Closed Loop Chronic Pain Therapy. This technology is based on evoked compound action potential (ECAP).

What industry problem / challenges are they tackling?

Saluda Medical uses technology to treat chronic pain, a prevalent condition affecting 540 million people globally. The first product Evoke, relieves chronic pain by taking the measurement and recording each patient's response to simulation, making real time adjustments a day to provide consistent therapy.

What makes them unique in the market?

Chronic pain is rooted in acute pain. As much as patients depend on pharmacological interventions, prevention is always preferable. Saluda Medical builds simulation devices, that uses high-frequency electrical impulse patterns, effectively suppressing pain. The combination of inductive coupling (the technology behind wireless charging mobile phones) allows the mobile phone-sized battery of the device to be worn on the belt alongside the stimulation device.

What does success look like for the company?

The picture of success is developing and providing innovative, excellent pain-relief options for patients, improving the overall quality of life. Stepping into the U.S market via a double-blind trial of 134 people affected with chronic pain, if successful, Saluda will be one of the first to represent a step forward in the field of bioelectrical devices in medicine.

Why should customers use Saluda Medical?

Customers should use Saluda to provide improved pain relief in the long term, without having to rely on pharmacological interventions. Spinal cord stimulation technology is adaptive and unique to each patient, making real-time adjustments, allowing enhanced long term pain relief.

How can we find out more about Saluda Medical?

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