• Terry Cornick

♿ Product Snapshot: tappON 🔗

In one sentence, describe your product?

tappON is an online platform connecting people with disabilities and additional support needs with high-quality service providers, both in-person and via telehealth appointments, to help them maintain their independence at home.

What industry challenge are is tappON tackling?

The lack of autonomy end-users have over who they choose to work with for their care and support needs.

After our founder Daniel Hillyer became a quadriplegic in an accident in 2010, we experienced firsthand the problems with a fragmented healthcare system, which meant we often did not know the names of people or when they would be arriving at our home.

tappON is all about putting the end-user in control, and creating a more personalised and people-centric experience.

What is unique about tappON in your market?

Built from lived experience from tappON’s co founder's journey navigating the NDIS space the product focuses on a simpler user experience. With a single login to coordinate someones care, health and wellbeing team to save time and money.

tappON is the only platform in the market which offers such personalised options for end-users, while also giving service providers the opportunity to create long lasting relationships with their ideal clients.

What is the biggest risk to tappON?

The biggest risk for tappON is not meeting our customers expectations, and losing sight of what matters to our members. It is important for tappON to continue to co create alongside our members, use their insights to help guide building our product to achieve our mission.

What does success look like for the company?

Success for us is growing the number of people using our platform to connect with their ideal service providers, and with their ideal clients. There are amazing carers, therapists, allied health professionals and support workers out there, and we want to help them give the very best options to our members. Success for tappON is when our members can save time and money and be able to live their best lives. On their own terms.

We are currently expanding our platform options to be statewide across NSW, and even further so that we can become a national platform, offering both in-person and telehealth support.

For us, business is about doing good, which is why we have also just launched our Impact Partners, the Black Dog Institute and SpinalCure Australia. Both organisations will receive a percentage of our platform booking fees, which we are donating to help fund the important research they are undertaking into mental health and spinal care. We are hoping to expand this contribution to more partners as we continue to grow.

Why should a customer use the product?

We have created our platform with the end-user in mind. It means it has been developed to be easy to use, and gives our customers the option to access all of their support people via one place.

We know most people with disabilities and additional support needs rely on at least eight separate people for their support, so creating a place where they can find the people the need, and choose the providers they really connect with, is ideal.

We have created the platform we wish had existed when Daniel first had his accident in 2010, and we were struggling to access the right support from the right people.

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