🏡 Product Snapshot: Working Den 💼

Working from home used to be seen as a luxury. Since COVID, it has become a privilege enjoyed by many.

But with this bonus comes a whole new world of potential health impacts, and this company is tackling them.

doctology's next Product Snapshot is, Working Den.

In one sentence, describe your product?

Working Den is a free-to-use platform built alongside a team of medical experts that addresses the physical and mental health risks associated with working from home.

What industry challenge is Working Den tackling?

Due to COVID-19, many have been forced to work from home in environments and conditions that have not been checked by health and safety. Over time this can have a severe impact on a workers' health.

What makes Workers Den unique in the market?

The tools on the platform have been created alongside healthcare experts from NSW Health, the HSE in the UK and the US prison system. These mimic the standards expected in office environments and are now available only for anyone to use.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

That not enough people are using it when they should be.

What does success look like for Working Den?

When more people start to find out about it and use it.

Why should a customer use Working Den?

From the founder's own personal experience as on of the world's top-ranked freelancers, the longer you keep working in poor conditions, the worse physical and mental health conditions you will develop long-term.

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