👩🏻‍💻 Telehealth Australia Landscape Nov 2020 💊

Regularly at doctology we bring you a visual Landscape Snapshot of different types of service, startup or product across healthcare and related sectors.

Back on 14 March 2020 I covered the telehealth healthtech landscape in Australia as it stood at that moment in time.

COVID had just taken a hold and although telehealth was used Down Under, it was sparingly and for specific use cases such as remote medicine or in some mental health presentations where absolutely essential.

There is a healthy debate as to what telehealth actually, physically is, but that debate is for another day, as is the argument over how and who should be regulating the private telehealth market, as there are many that appeared overnight post-COVID.

Today I bring you the updated map of the telehealth landscape in Australia as it stands in November 2020, a markedly different one than eight months ago (including Screening / E-consult services).

Here is the high-level summary of what was learnt while undertaking this task:

  • Some of the services and products showcased are in beta testing or low-scale rollout yet the vast majority are active in the healthtech market

  • Excluded are physical device-manufacturers of telehealth that could also act as a service eg. Visionflex

  • There is a mixture of uber-like platforms that any healthcare professional can adopt immediately, others that focus on primary care (medical centres) and effectively act as an online medical centre with patients already ready-to-be-seen, some platforms that added telehealth as an extra function, and a portion that are deployed as small-medium scale into aged care organisations or large-scale options into tertiary care (hospitals)

  • Technically, any individual medical centre or specialist clinic that now offers a telehealth option could be considered a service as such so we have tried where possible to rule those out

  • In March 2020 we had mapped approximately 50 services, in November 2020 we identified close to 105 services, over a 100% increase, with only a few services that stopped operating in that period.

Finally, you can suggest additions or request a hi-res copy of the landscape file by emailing terry@doctology.com.au

Cheers and enjoy,


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Telehealth / Telemedicine / Screening / E-Consult Services in Australia

24-7MedCare - https://24-7medcare.com.au/

Access Telehealth - https://accesstelehealth.com.au/

Andihealth - https://www.andihealth.com.au/

Attend Anywhere - https://www.attendanywhere.com/

Beemo - http://www.futuredentistry.com.au

Bell Health - https://bellhealth.com.au/

BetterConsult - https://au.betterconsult.com/

Bruno Health - https://www.brunohealth.com.au/

Caia - https://askcaia.com/

Call My Doctor - https://www.callmydoctor.com.au/

Call To Mind - https://calltomind.com.au/

Care Connected - https://careconnected.com.au/

CareGrid - https://digihealthinnovations.com/#caregrid

CareMonitor - https://caremonitor.com.au/

Chology - https://www.chology.co/

Cliniko - https://www.cliniko.com/

Concierge Doctors - https://www.conciergedoctors.com.au/

Conduit Health - https://www.conduithealth.com.au/

Connect Psych - https://connectpsychservices.com.au/

covidgp.com.au - https://www.covidgp.com.au/

Coviu - https://www.coviu.com/

Cub Care - https://www.cubcare.com.au/

Cyber Clinic - https://cyberclinic.com.au/

Declan (Coviu) - https://www.coviu.com/

Dermo Direct - https://dermodirect.com.au/

Docto - http://www.docto.com.au/

Doctor360 - https://www.doctor360.com.au/

Doctorai - https://doctorai.com.au/

Doctoroo - https://www.doctoroo.com.au/

Doctors on Demand - https://www.doctorsondemand.com.au/

Dokotela - https://dokotela.com.au/

Egal Health - https://www.egalhealth.com/

emindally - https://www.emindally.com/

Epsychiatry - https://epsychiatry.com.au/

eVisit - https://www.novarihealth.com/evisit-telemedicine/

Chipper - https://feelchipper.com/

GP Consults - https://www.gpconsults.com.au/

GP2U - https://gp2u.com.au/

GPNow - https://www.gpnow.net/

HealthBank - https://www.healthbank.io/

HealthEngine - https://healthengine.com.au/

HealthMate - https://www.myhealthmate.com.au/

HealthNow - https://healthnow.io/

HealthSafe (Phenix Health) - https://phenixhealth.com.au/

Healthsite - https://www.healthsite.com.au/

Hello Vide - https://hellovide.com.au/

HotDoc - https://www.hotdoc.com.au/

HotHealth - https://www.hothealth.com/

Instant Consult - https://www.instantconsult.com.au/

Instant Scripts - https://www.instantscripts.com.au/

KidsDocOnCall - https://www.kidsdoconcall.com.au/

Kin Fertility - https://kinfertility.com.au/

Lysn - https://welysn.com/

Mantle Health - https://mantlehealth.com.au/

Medic Relief - https://medicrelief.com/

Medinet - http://medinet.com.au/

Mentally Healthy - https://www.mentallyhealthy.com.au/

Mind High Club - http://www.mindhighclub.com.au/

MOSH - https://www.getmosh.com.au/

My Mirror - https://mymirror.com.au/

MyEmergencyDr - https://www.myemergencydr.com/

National Telemedicine Doctors - www.nationaltelemedicinedoctors.com

NEXUS (eReports) - https://ereports.com.au/service/nexus/

Oculo - https://connect.oculo.com.au/

Oneview Healthcare - https://www.oneviewhealthcare.com/

Online Physio - https://www.online.physio/

Online Prostate Physiotherapy - https://onlineprostate.physio/

Openly - https://nowopenly.com/

Our Nuts and Bolts - https://www.ournutsandbolts.com/

Pilot (Eucalyptus) - https://pilot.com.au/

Polln - https://polln.com/

Prime Medic - https://www.primemedic.com.au/

PSYCH2U - https://psych2u.com.au/

Qoctor - https://www.qoctor.com.au/

QURO - http://mediushealth.org/

Rosemary Health - https://www.rosemaryhealth.com.au/

Rural Health Connect - www.ruralhealthconnect.com.au

Scripts Now - https://www.sisuhealthgroup.com/

Sicky - https://sicky.com.au/

Software (Eucalyptus) - https://skin.software/

Someone Health - https://someone.health/

Specialist Booking - https://www.specialistbooking.com/

Stethy - https://stethy.co/

Stigma Health - https://stigmahealth.com/

Swiftdoc - https://www.swiftdoc.com/

Teladoc Health - https://teladochealth.com/en-AU/

Telecare Online - https://telecareonline.com.au/

TeleConsult - https://collabcare.com/teleconsult/

Teledermatologist - https://teledermatologist.com.au/

TeleHab - https://www.valdhealth.com/telehab

Telehealth.com.au - https://www.telehealth.com.au/

Telehealth2U.com.au - https://www.telehealth2u.com.au/

Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) - https://www.telemedicineclinic.com/

Telepsych Online - https://telepsychiatrist.online/

The Chemist Warehouse App (CW Retail Services) - https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/thechemistwarehouseapp.htm

TytoCare - https://www.tytocare.com/

Umbo - https://www.umbo.com.au/

URBANDoc - https://www.urban-doc.com/

Virtual Psychologist -