• Terry Cornick

💡 Top 10: Commonly Used Healthtech Blurbs 2020 🖊️

Over the course of around two years of daily late nights and acute research and analysis, at doctology I have developed a database of healthtech in Australia, with a number of data points about a product eg: year it was founded, company name, product name, key contact(s), email, location and a blurb about each one (some would say this would be make a great, no-frills Australian healthtech directory listing, but more on that in 2021).

On this enjoyable yet painstaking journey, one of the most striking reflections about these healthtech products was firstly the rare occasion I was able to decipher what it was or what it did within 10 seconds of being on the website, and secondly, the commonalities in their sales blurbs (so much so I re-wrote 99% of them to one-sentence in our database).

So if you are part of an Australian healthtech startup in 2021 and want to gain valuable attention, here are the top 10 most commonly used words and phrases used in blurbs in 2020 (and to add, mainstream media does a solid job of using only these in their articles too!:

  1. patient outcomes

  2. transforming healthcare

  3. changing the face of healthcare

  4. revolutionising healthcare

  5. reinventing healthcare

  6. the future of healthcare

  7. disrupting healthcare

  8. innovating healthcare

  9. fasting growing

  10. leading in

and a bonus one...

"healthcare is broken, we going to fix it..."

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