Top 3: Australian Dental Telehealth Startups

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If you are sick of hearing the word telehealth in 2020, then brace yourself, because we could not resist!

Although this time there is a slant to the usual coverage. Today we showcase in true doctology fashion (concise and without any BS), a selection of Australian healthtech early-stage startups that are playing in the realm of telehealth, or more accurately "teledentristy".

Keep an eye on these dental dynamos:

Beemo (by Future Dentistry Australia)

Founded: 2018

Melbourne-based Future Dentistry Australia have spent the last year or so quietly been researching and refining with little fanfare or exposure.

What is is clear is that their telehealth product Beemo catches your attention. On offer to both Dentists and patients, they have even introduced a gamification aspect, with awards for those that treat their teeth like fine porcelain and get them checked regularly.


Founded: 2019

With some initial seed fund injection late last year, Pearlii have also kept a low-profile in their relatively young life.

They have a core belief that dental check-ups should be free, and fuelled by artificial intelligence (AI), that the earlier we look after our teeth the better.


Founded: 2019

Previously covered by doctology in a Product Snapshot, ViDe was founded by an accomplished dentist Dr Christine May.

With a suite of affordable options to the more comprehensive consults, ViDe aims to offer 24/7 care for your teeth all from the comfort of your smartphone.

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