Top 3: Australian Diabetes Healthtech

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Diabetes is a monster of a disease. With a total impact cost of $14.6 billion per year in Australia and 1.7 million people living with it, the race to use healthtech to ease and combat its effects is on.

Here are Doctology’s top 3 picks of healthtech companies and their products that are hoping to turn that big “D” into a little one:


Currently in stealth startup mode, Founder and CEO Thomas Sutherland has put his smarts to outstanding use, combining his passions for technology, education and medicine to create Diabesy.

Making Diabetes management easier is the goal, and they aim to achieve this through communication features for patient and clinician, care plans and health goals tracking and educational resources.

RADical by Curve Tomorrow

Reputable digital health design agency Curve Tomorrow developed this impactful app for adolescents with type 1 diabetes.

With the help of the Telethon Kids Institute RADical tracks their moment-to-moment emotions through a 10-day questionnaire, assessing anxiety, stress and mood so they can be supported appropriately.


With their self-proclaimed tagline of “More street cred and heart than your average pharmaceutical”, Jade currently has more than 31,000 users.

Its power lies in its insulin dose calculator, prediction of blood sugar levels feature, coaching and education and the ability to share the data with health professionals easily.

Cover image credits: Aleutie / Getty Images

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