• Terry Cornick

💻 Top 3: Australian Healthtech Directories 🚀

#healthtech #australia #healthcare

It is likely if you work in healthcare you will have noted the surge in interest around healthtech.

From devices in development, commercialisation or in market, to digital health platforms and apps in startip mode, to healthcare IT juggernauts, there are thousands of products in play.

But this is no use if you have no where to find them.

Enter a fairly new phenomenon, the healthtech directory.

Here are 3 of our picks for you to check out the scene in Australian healthtech today:



A worldwide patient-focused directory but started by an Australian and covering the lucky country in depth, you can search by condition, specialty or disease.



Largely aimed at medical practitioners and those making buying decisions, although it can be useful for a wide range of stakeholders, you can list, review, compare and more.



Although not quite as aesthetically pleasing, MedicalStartups is updated semi-regularly and covers a mixture of what could be considered healthtech / digital health but also medtech and medical devices.

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