🚀 Top 3: Australian Nursepreneurs 👩‍⚕️

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If you follow doctology you will know one of our first ever series’ was “Doctorpreneurs”, covering entrepreneurial-minded clinicians that have founded or are working in a startup, tech company or similar.

But, alas, I overlooked a growing number of leaders that were staring us in the face. As I researched startups, companies and products night after night I realised there are in fact “Nursepreneurs” too, also talented clinicians with an unending desire to improve healthcare in Australia.

So here are our three “Nursepreneurs” and a little about the organisations they founded:

Athol Hann

Fwards by Athol Tech - https://www.atholtech.com.au/

By day Athol is a Clinical Emergency Nurse at Mackay Hospital in tropical Queensland and proudly admits to being a Paddle Board Enthusiast.

But these endeavours caused burnout and exhaustion, and he saw the same far too often with his colleagues. So he set about creating Fwards, an impressive, intelligent but easy-to-use app to optimise staff performance, reduce staff turnover and reduce burnout.

Zara Lord

uPaged - https://www.upaged.com/

Zara’s nursing career has spanned Queensland, New South Wales and even Africa! An Intensive Care Nurse, she still picks up the occasional shift while running a three-year old company called uPaged.

uPaged connects facilities to fully-vetted, employment-ready, AHPRA-registered nurses who are available for work. A national nursing workforce database, uPaged cuts out the agency middleman and provides nurses with work opportunities that they choose.

Bradley Chesham

Bundle of Rays - https://bundleofrays.com/

Bradley has jet-setted internationally across the world as a Nurse, working in Mexico, Norway, Iraq, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan.

Along the way he strengthened a passion for education and innovation, and started Bundle of Rays in 2018, originally offering a face-to-face chest xray course. Just two years later it has evolved dramatically, with end-to-end immersive learning solutions from 360 video to full VR based advanced Life support simulation, online and offline, working with all from individual nurses to universities.

( As a special offer, Bradley has kindly offered any readers of doctology can join the BoR online platform and pick up a 15% discount by entering the coupon code "air traffic control" at www.bundleofrays.podia.com )

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