• Terry Cornick

📲 Top 3: Australian Recruitment Healthtech (Part 1) 💼

Locum healthcare recruitment and shift-filling is a notoriously busy yet frustrating experience for all involved.

Paper processes are still strong in places like hospitals in the public sector, yet given the volume of contract and locum work “live” at any one time, it is still mind-blowing that even the most simple, secure and efficient technology products are not widely used.

Change is upon us however, despite it being at the speed of one tortoise-foot forward at a time. Individuals such as healthtech entrepreneurs are creating solutions that match human’s behavioural patterns with technology in every other facet of everyday life.

Here are a handful of Australian healthtech products piling on the pressure of the current status quo:



Originally catering from allied health professionals such as Physios, Lokko is now being used by GPs and Practice Managers to search for and to secure locum staff.

Based on the product screenshots, one of the strengths of Lokko is its seamless UX / UI interface.

CoverMe Medical


Founded in 2018 in Newcastle, New South Wales, CoverMe Medical saw a gap for Practice Managers and Hospitals to recruit Surgeons, Surgical Assistants and Anaeasthetists for vacant shifts.

As its sales pitch makes clear, its USP is the face it was designed by medical specialists for medical specialists.



With over 45,000 users in Australia and New Zealand, Emprevo is well-tested.

Predominantly focused on the aged care sector, they also cater for acute care and even childcare.

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