💼 Top 3: Australian Recruitment Healthtech (Part 2) 👨‍⚕️

Recently we brought you a snapshot of three examples where healthtech is being used for the good of the healthcare workforce.

Below are doctology’s pick of the second set of Australian healthtech products making recruitment, rostering or staffing easier:



Although currently not officially live, Codello is likely to launch in 2021.

The Melbourne-based outfit specialises in the scenario where hospital nurses and midwives need to swap shifts. Talking a strong game on their website, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for Codello’s market arrival.

Core Schedule


Although founded in New Zealand, Core Schedule is firmly embedded in Australian hospitals.

Billed as “The most agile hospital rostering software on Earth”, such is its versatility it is used in practices, hospitals, aged care and ambulatory care.



Sydney-based HosPortal specialises in scheduling and rostering for all hospitals, having been on the scene for over a decade.

In recent years due to the demands of customers and development of technology they redesigned and rebuilt the back-end of their product, no mean feat!

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(To clarify, all companies, services and products listed above have been covered by us independently and the company has not asked us to write about them)