👨🏾‍⚕️ Top 3: Dermtech Australia 🌞

With summer almost upon us, at least on these Australian shores, skin care is of the utmost importance.

Technology has started to make serious inroads, for example, in the dermatology world. Getting checked for cancerous moles or lesions was an exclusively manual affair until the last few years.

The enormous strides made have seen diagnosis and treatment take on a new look, with tech now assisting healthcare professionals.

Here are our quick-fire picks of dermtech services and products to look out for:

Dermo Direct


Founded by two Darwin Dermatologists, this teledermatology platform won a 2019 Telstra Business Award and is quietly gaining in popularity, particularly in regional and rural areas.

The highest quality dermatologists conduct a telehealth consultation for the full range of skin conditions, and its available after hours and weekends too.



It’s called “The most intelligent dermatology platform” for a reason (it’s also been dubbed “Shazam for moles”!). Although originally founded in Canada, it operates at large Down Under and has grabbed attention quickly.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a huge part in its core offerings of imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions including skin cancer but the wow factor is clearly the DermDrone, a mini drone that flies around the patient and scans them in real time!



Billed as “Australia’s first custom, prescription skincare subscription”, the founding company Eucalyptus is developing its already big successes with Pilot (men’s health) and Kin (women’s health).

For just $29 you get a doctor consultation through your phone and ongoing support for a range of conditions including acne, fine lines, wrinkles or clogged pores.

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