Top 3: Doctor Coaching in Australia

Doctors have generally been held in the highest regard since the very beginning of the profession.

We as patients literally put our lives in their hands when we are weak and at our most vulnerable. The pressure of this is immense.

In recent years there have been some interesting Doctor-led movements that in one way or another have worked to address or alleviate the intense mental strain, stress and mental health effects of being a Doctor.

These have included forms of “coaching”, specifically for Doctors. Below are three prominent Doctors in Australia doing just that:

Dr Jocelyn Lowinger - CoachGP -

A Doctor for a quarter of a century, Jocelyn spent a lot of this time looking outside the box for answers. When she had to hire an executive coach in a particularly stressful role she realised how much this approach could help, more specifically for her profession.

Dr Sachin Patel -

The ever-dapper Sachin has been involved with various entrepreneurial ventures in healthcare including those focussed on technology and aged care. However more recently he sees the huge value in the personal and human approach to Doctor coaching and spends a solid amount of time and energy preaching this.

Dr Amy Imms - The Burnout Project -

Previously training as a GP, Amy is laser-focused on burnout and providing resources and services that help her fellow Doctors. Tasmanian born and bred, she realised her love for dealing with healthcare from a community perspective was key, matching her career’s priorities and values, hoping that her clients can also do the same.

*Note: None of the above Doctors asked us or paid us to cover this (they do not even know we are writing it!), we are simply highlighting prominent examples of coaching for Doctors and its potential benefits.

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