Top 3: Healthtech Media in Australia

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Fear not, as not all technology publications are dry.

Australian healthcare technology media, particularly online, can be a rich source of news and events.

There may be less than a handful but check out below a list of 3 publications that are worth a morning commute browse:

Healthcare IT News

Published by HIMSS Media, the website has a clean, user-friendly interface, light on upfront text but heavy on relevant news. Their weekly newsletter is equally as punchy and will not invoke the instinctive reaction to delete on sight.

Pulse+IT Magazine

The look and feel of this Sydney-based institution is more “old school” to an extent, but the content is rich and topics tend to be on the more technical side of the spectrum, certainly a must for the hardcore techies.

The Medical Republic

Although strictly not a technology-focused magazine, in recent times there has been an understandable increase in healthtech news, scandals and more. The people behind it also separately run some great events such as Wild Health.

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