Top 3: New Australian Hospitals Coming Soon

Despite the generally high quality of healthcare available to patients in Australia, the nature of our cities growing outwards coupled with a growing number of ageing hospitals has meant new, world-class facilities are hot in demand.

Below are three Australian hospitals that will be open to the masses in the hopefully not-too-distant future:

Footscray Hospital, Western Melbourne, VIC

Cautiously earmarked for completion in 2025, construction is likely to begin next year, to cope with Western Melbourne emerging as one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

Coming with a handsome $1.5 billion price tag, it will boast 500+ beds and provide increased capacity for desperately needed services such as mental health and palliative care.

Rouse Hill Hospital, North West Sydney, NSW

A prime spot has been chosen and the government recently trumpeted the announcement that the booming North West of Sydney will finally receive a facility to service its obvious need.

Promised since 2015, the project had been claimed by both main political parties and will house around 300 beds. As with all new developments technology is being promoted as one of its biggest priorities.

Northside Medical Precinct, Gosford, Central Coast NSW

Throwing in a private hospital for good measure, in 2022 the Central Coast of NSW is due to receive a shiny new facility priced at $350 million. Already the developers have voiced plans to holistically partner with medical research organisations, universities, and potentially build an aged care home on-site and training facilities.

225 beds are being promised to cater for the expanding region, many choosing a slightly less intense life that they currently experience in Sydney.

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