🐕 Top 3: Veterinary Healthtech in Australia aka “Vettech” 🦎

This may be a little left-field for doctology’s usual content, but we noted recently the terms “healthtech” or “digital health” do not denote species or otherwise.

It is also proven (taking a gamble on this there is data to back it up!) that animal-lovers (a) care for their pets better than themselves (b) are healthier, particularly mentally, by having their pets in their lives.

So with our pitch out of the way, here is a selection of Australian vettech to look out for:


Founded by trio Dr Steve Joslyn, Anthony Tjea and Ross Wyness in 2018, VetDB uses an animal’s or “patient’s” unique microchip to store, upload and access medical record information from.

The platform claims to be life-changing for animal owners, vets and the industry at large, using RFID technology to manage and store accurate and valuable data.

Earlier in 2021 VetDB even managed to snare global juggernaut MSD Animal Health as an investor, a strong endorsement for the Perth-based outfit.


Telehealth and telemedicine became the buzz-words of 2020, and although perhaps the reality has not lived up to hype (yet), entrants are swarming into the market daily to grab a piece of the future pie.

While the human market is vibrant, vet telehealth is catching up. Sydney-based Vetchat has been active since 2016 with founder Dr Claire Jenkins leading the charge to provide 24/7 online veterinary care.

Gaining seed funding in 2017, Australia’s leading pet insurance administrator PetSure took notice and bought a 40% share in 2020.

Alpha Vet Technology

Australian-founded expanded its reach into to vettech world earlier in 2021 when it opened a new headquarters in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

It’s showcase product is the WirelessZoo™, a remote animal monitoring technology that measures signs such as temperature, blood-oxygen level and heart rate. Coupled with a portal that can be controlled by the caring vet, they can even track multiple patients at a time.

Since it’s birth in 2012 AVT has yet to take on significant investment and remains privately held.