Top 5: Alternative Doctor Careers

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Gone are the days when Doctors were confined to purely hospitals and practices.

In the past few years there has been an ever-growing movement of medicos using their priceless skills and knowledge in alternative settings:


From banks, insurers to legal firms, Doctors are sought after for risk matters, assessments or even advisory boards.

Technology / Startups

With a huge surge in healthtech startups across Australia, clinical advice and guidance is paramount. Some even have the bonus of being founded and led by "Doctorpreneurs" already.


Given the potential high octane activities that occur, events such as festivals, concerts and sports rely on medical assistance waiting in the wings.

Clinical Trials

Clinical research organisations are growing. And along with their trial participants they need Doctors to manage the process and their monitoring.

Medical Writing

Despite the perceived stereotype of awful handwriting, Doctors with a knack for great written communication skills can excel as crafters of content for medical and non-medical publications.

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