Top 5: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Healthcare Startups in Australia

If you have a pulse you will know Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage at the moment. Not many of us mere mortals out there truly know what it is, what it does or how it can make the world better.

Thankfully the founders and employees of the Australian startups and companies below believe they can use its power for good in healthcare:

DocLink -

A new tool to aid clinicians in the screening and diagnosis of pathologies using computer-based machine learning algorithms that will provide rapid, probabilistic diagnoses from medical imaging.

Maxwell Plus -

A growing Brisbane based medical technology startup rethinking the way we detect and diagnose disease. By combining machine learning with medical imaging the team are working to make cancer diagnosis faster, more affordable and more accurate.

QURO by Medius Health -

A health assistant that uses advanced machine learning to give more accurate health assessments, bypassing doctor shortages, waiting rooms and false internet diagnoses in the process.

Alixir -

Specialising in machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence in the healthcare space, Alixir is working on the mammographic detection system of the future, combining instant reporting with accuracy that exceeds a radiologist.

PainChek -

The world’s first pain assessment tool. Using AI and facial recognition technology, it provides carers with three important new clinical benefits, the ability to identify the presence of pain, to quantify the severity level of pain and to monitor the impact of treatment to optimise overall care.

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