Top 5: Australian Podcasts for Doctors

Podcasts are becoming as mainstream as books, and this has not been lost on a growing number of enterprising healthcare organisations and Doctors, keen to educate and entertain our medical professionals.

Here are 5 of the best for Doctors in Australia:

1. MJA Podcasts

Produced by the MJA (Medical Journal of Australia), this weekly series is focussed (understandably) on the clinical aspects of medicine. From sexual health to influenza to youth mental health, you are sure of some solid brain food.

2. Broomedocs Podcast

Created by Dr Casey Parker in arguably one of Australia's most beautiful locations, you are sure of interesting stories and education about remote medicine and the presentations that come your way.

3. Health Report

If you came for dulcet Scottish tones, this Dr Norman Swan provides this in abundance with this long-running ABC Radio series. Although largely clinical in tone, the average punter like me even enjoys a listen so I can pretend over the family dinner table I should have been a Doctor.

4. PodMD

Described as "punchy and brief" these 7-10 minute educational updates can be listened to by Doctors or even created by them. Have a topic that you are an expert on? Get in touch with PodMD.

5. The GP Show

Dr Sam Manager brings you this regular candy for your ears, and although the name suggests it could be just for GPs, the breadth of topics will appeal to a number of professionals from a range of specialties, covering dementia to eating disorders to indigenous health.