📱 Top 5: Babytech Australia 👶🏻

Although they may not yet have the opposable thumbs working at full capacity, babies (and soon to be babies) can benefit from healthtech.

Here are our doctology’s top picks of Australian babytech.

Baby Moves


Developed in 2015 by the ever so product Curve Tomorrow in Melbourne, Baby Moves is a digital tool to record movements of babies at risk of developing cerebral palsy.

With input from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, clinicians and parents can upload videos of their child’s movements for professional assessment and monitoring.



Brought to the world by Sleepfit and the reputable Tresillian, the program is delivered via an app format filled with advice, tools and tips backed by evidence to support parents.

Not just for sleep and settling, the solution also focuses on nutrition and feeding with the ability to record and track progress for babies from 0 to 3 years old.

Baby Diaries Australia


Founded by busy mum Tara O’Connell, the deceptively simple app encompasses everything you may need and want to monitor in your baby’s early years, from milestones, medications, feeding, sleep and more.

It has been such a success that customers of every continent have paid for and used the app as well as many healthcare companies choosing to white-label the product.

Goldilocks Suit


Summarised as a smart onesie to show parents what their baby is feeling, this Adelaide-born product stands out from the crowd.

With a connected app to track its insights, the smart clothes device can monitor wellbeing, track development and even measure the room’s temperature.

My Baby’s Movements


Back in 2015, a cohort of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, midwives, researchers and pregnant women joined forces with the Mater Research Institute to create My Baby’s Movements.

Specifically focused on fetal movements of women in their third trimester of pregnancy, it aims to reduce the chances of stillbirth so parents can get immediate medical help at the first sign of no movement.

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