Top 3: Clinical Trial Recruitment Startups in Australia

Clinical trials are not only vital to ensure safe and effective medicines and treatments for all, they are huge business.

Traditionally the process of recruiting suitable and vetted patients for clinical trials has been a manual and painful one.

Not for much longer - check out Doctology's five examples below of Australian platforms and services that are using technology to make this process quicker, easier, cheaper and of a higher quality:

HealthMatch -

With a breakout year in 2017 after winning the US-based TechCrunch Startup Battlefield, HealthMatch secured $1.3m in funding from June 2018.

Focussed primarily on patients, it is free for them to use and in a just a few steps they can find suitable trials to embark on.

ClinTrial Refer -

A recent Finalist in Best Patient-Focused Technological Development at the 2019 Clinical & Research Excellence Awards, ClinTrial Refer is refining its app and website platform as it anticipates an uptick in demand.

Like HealthMatch, there has been a swell of interest from the US although they are keen to first establish a stronghold in their native Australian market.

Evrima Technologies -

Fresh from the announcement of their acceptance into the 2019 HCF Catalyst Accelerator program, Evrima are hot on the heels of their competitors.

They will stand a chance if their background is anything to go by, led by a Founder and CEO with strong patient recruitment experience.

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