Top 5: Facebook Groups for Australian Doctors

Facebook is not only for the general public to communicate outrage to the world. Doctors use it too. And they are prolific at using it for practical means.

Doctors of Australia, here are 5 Facebook Groups you may want to be a part of:

GPDU (General Practice Down Under)

-6.8k Members

-GPs Down Under is the online community of GPs in Australia/New Zealand.

BFD (Business for Doctors)

-26k Members

-Business for Doctors is a free membership organisation that fosters the goodwill between health professionals by empowering, educating and providing a support network of thousands of colleagues. The organisation is unique as it brings together Doctors from all specialities, at various career stages, business owners, practice owners, hospital employees, contractors and final year medical students.

Frequent Flying Doctors

-2k Members

-A group for Australian Doctors to discuss various frequent flyer programs, point hacks and travel.

Non-Clinical Doctors Australia & NZ

-10k Members

-A place for Australian & NZ doctors working primarily non-clinically to share ideas and support one another. We can face unique challenges as medical writers, medical educators, researchers, public health physicians and more.

Investing For Doctors

-7.8k Members

-A group for Australian medical doctors to discuss investing in various forms of investments from the conventional to alternatives.

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