Top 5: Female Healthtech Founders

There is no hiding the obvious. The technology startup world is largely male-dominated, no where more clear is that than the fabled Silicon Valley. Apparently things are changing but we will believe that when we see it.

In Australia at least there appears to be a wave of female founders and CEOs in healthcare technology that refuse to bow to protocol.

Check out Doctology's five examples below (in no particular order):

Silvia Pfeiffer – Coviu

With a double degree in computer science and business management, Silvia is the current CEO of Coviu, a telehealth cloud application for healthcare providers.

With Google, Mozilla and CSIRO on her CV, her complex work in establishing Web standards has paid off for vast swathes of people, including Coviu that utilises this technology.

Tess van der Rijt – Patient Connector

Not content with being admitted to practice law, Tess is a guru in health system policy and reform, working across the world in Geneva for the World Health Organisation, as well as not for profits in Asia.

Tess is the CEO and Founder of Patient Connector, a growing startup connecting patients with specialist doctors.

Manuri Gunawardena – HealthMatch

Founder & CEO of HealthMatch, Manuri recently hit the heights of being featured in Forbes magazine’s ‘30 under 30 Class of 2019’.

Manuri founded HealthMatch while studying Medicine – a platform that connects people with cures and treatments around the world using machine learning and artificial intelligence to dramatically accelerate patient recruitment to clinical trials.

Zara Lord – uPAGED

An incredibly busy Intensive Care Nurse by trade, Zara has also worked in Africa for aid organisations and is now the CEO of uPAGED.

uPAGED is a digital talent platform connecting on demand nurses with casual work in hospitals, a huge challenge to tackle with the still largely manual and paper-based nature of status quo.

Michelle Perugini – Life Whisperer

Academic and recognised expert in health, medical research, advanced analytics, and cognitive AI, Michelle founded Presagen and their core product Life Whisperer.

With a recent announcement of substantial seed funding, the AI medical technology that improves fertility outcomes is in great hands.

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