Top 5: Healthcare Venture Capital Funds Australia

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Your healthcare startup is up and running, it has legs and you have taken part in an incubator and accelerator to validate your venture. There is revenue and you have gone too far now to take your foot off the gas.

But in gaining your first “seed” funding you have emptied the bank account, overdraft, credit cards, family loans and more to get to the cusp of something big.

Venture Capital may be an option for the next step to the big time. So who are the players in Australia that have history in healthcare? Read on to hear about our pick of the bunch:

AirTree Ventures

Sydney-based and with a small team of eagle-eyed investors, AirTree tend to focus on the earlier stages of a company’s journey to world domination.

They have recent history in healthcare technology with a 2015 injection of $2.2 million into one of the most impressive in the market, appointment booking and patient engagement / practice management platform HotDoc. Just a few months ago they dug in deeper with a $5 million jointly raised with Right Click Capital.


With over a decade in the game, this established firm has investments primarily held in healthcare and technology.

Located in the heart of Sydney CBD OneVentures looks at relatively bigger commitments, with their $170 million healthcare fund launched in 2016 stating their intention to $10 to $20 million per company.

CSIRO Innovation | Main Sequence VF

With a raise of over $200 million in its first year, this fund has quickly established itself as one to watch.

Earlier this year they dipped their toe into healthcare with a $1 million investment into telehealth technology Coviu and $1.1 million into AI diagnosis rising star Maxwell Plus.

Telstra Ventures

An obvious one considering their owners and huge investment activity in recent years, Telstra Ventures are not shy when it comes to the healthcare technology sector.

Arguably their biggest foray into the Australian market has been with embattled appointment booking service HealthEngine.

Carthona Capital

With a small Sydney team Carthona have considerably weighted their investments in healthcare, with several plays in the market for early-stage companies.

Clinical trials seems to be a theme but also a notable backing of AI virtual health assistant Quro (by Medius Health).

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