Top 5: Podcasts for Doctorpreneurs

Without stating the absolute obvious, generally Doctors and free-time are like Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction - fantasy.

Podcasts are the ultimate time-saver. Whether driving, in the gym, studying, on public transport, at work (arguably), you can plug in, listen passively and absorb gem after gem.

Check out our Top 5 (note there are none yet from Down Under!):


Hippocratic Hustle

Summary: US-based podcast created for female Doctorpreneurs that "can come together and share their stories of their business, project or side-hustle."

Founder: Dr Carrie Reynolds

Clinical Role: Paediatric Gynaecologist


The Docpreneur Podcast

Summary: Another state-side based podcast, produced by the publication Concierge Medicine Today, episodes include interviews with Doctorpreneurs but also non-clinical innovators that have created products, services and technology for the medical world.

Founder: Concierge Medicine Today's Docpreneur Institute


Doctor Entrepreneur's Podcast

Summary: Surprise surprise, this production also hails from the US, "It’s designed to help busy doctors and business associates discover what works with healthcare services."

Founder: Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc


Docs Outside The Box

Summary: The charismatic, New York-based Dr Darko interviews "media moguls to activists to trendsetters". Expect inspiration-a-plenty in your ears.

Founder: Dr Nii-Daako Darko

Clinical Role: General Surgeon


The Ultimate Doctor

Summary: Innovation, startups, business and biotechs. Joshua regularly picks the brightest of medical brains and is as excited about their creations as the founders are.

Founder: Joshua de Gastyne

Clinical Role: Medical Student

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